Scientific Name:Scorpiones
Length:0.9 to 21 cm
Color:Yellow, blue, reddish-brown, and black
430 million years ago, the evolutionary history of scorpions began. They’ve been around pretty much for the longest time but many still wonder what scorpions are, where they live and what they feed on. What are scorpions and how dangerous can they truly be?

Everyone should be concerned about scorpion infestation. They exist on every continent except for Antarctica. There are now over 1,500 different species spread all across the world. 90 of those live in the United States. The states that have most scorpions include those with warm and dry climates such as New Mexico, California, and Arizona. The deadliest one is called the Arizona Bark Scorpion, which is said to have the most venomous sting. Scorpions usually feed on other insects, so scorpion prevention also means you need to get rid of those other insects.

If you live in Arizona, the sight of scorpions may be quite common to you. After all, the Arizona state has one of the greatest number of scorpion species in the United States at about 60 species. While not all scorpion stings are deadly, it is best to prevent them from being around your property as their stings can be very painful. Furthermore, you’ll never really know unless you take a closer look if you’re dealing with that most feared Arizona Bark Scorpion.

When in Gilbert, Arizona, and surrounding communities, Watchdog Pest Control is the best company to call when you have a scorpion problem. Don’t wait until you have a massive infestation in your household. There are even some homes that already had hundreds of scorpions before they called for help. Do not risk your family’s safety. Call us today at 602-842-5290 for scorpion removal services.

In order to properly address scorpion infestation and for you to effectively prevent them from inhabiting your home, you must know where scorpions live. Where do scorpions live and what attracts them to those places? If you are having scorpion problems in your property for the longest time, it’s about time for you to do proper research and call a professional pest control company to help you with this issue. Don’t wait until these scorpions take over your home and do a lot of damage to your property and your family’s health.

Scorpions are found everywhere in the world except for Antarctica. They like places where it’s dry and warm for as long as they have access to water and food. They feed on roaches, ants, and other small insects. If you keep leftovers, spills, and crumbs lying around everywhere in your home, you will most likely attract what scorpions like preying on. So if you want to prevent them from entering your property, aside from scorpion seal outs, you must also start cleaning up.

Their bites are painful and some scorpions can have deadly venomous stings, such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion. These scorpions like taking shelter in dark garages and sheds where not a lot of humans are. As long as it’s moist and warm, they remain comfortable there while waiting for their prey.

They live in groups, too. So if you have a sighting of one scorpion in your property, there could be more around. It is best to call Watchdog Pest Control for scorpion removal assistance. We have a team of experts who are ready to help you with scorpion problems in your Gilbert, Arizona property. Call 602-842-5290 today.

There are more than 1,600 of scorpion species found all over the world. They exist everywhere except for Antarctica. Depending on your location, the kinds of species found may differ. If you’re wondering what kinds of scorpion live in your area, then you may have to check on animal and wildlife information specific to your location. If you’re in and around the Arizona state area, read on.

Among all these species of scorpions in the world, dozens are found in Arizona. The warm and mostly dry weather make this state an ideal habitat for scorpions. The most notorious among these scorpion species is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. It has the deadliest venom of all and one sting can cause death to humans and pets.

However, not all scorpions you would see in Arizona are bark scorpions. Some of them aren’t even deadly, but still, their stings could be extremely painful. Other common species include the Yellow Ground Scorpion, Arizona Giant Hair Scorpion, and the Arizona Stripetail Scorpion.

Since these scorpions are mostly brown and yellow in color, it can be quite challenging to identify which one you’re dealing with or if a scorpion you spot in your property should cause panic. To make sure you and your family remain safe from scorpion stings, it is best to keep them away from your home.

If you live in Gilbert, Arizona or its surrounding areas, Watchdog Pest Control is the best company to call for assistance in scorpion removal and seal outs. Give us a call at 602-842-5290 to set an appointment with professionals in scorpion control and removal.

Compared to other home pests, scorpions are among the most feared by humans. But what damage can scorpions inflict on you and your home? When you find one in your property, then you must get rid of it right away. It is very important for you to call on professionals to remove scorpions as they can be extremely dangerous to handle.

Scorpions live in groups so if you find one, expect more hidden in dark and moist places in your home. In fact, there are cases when hundreds of scorpions are found in just one Arizona home! Don’t wait until yours get massively infested before calling for pest control.

Scorpions feed on insects so they probably won’t eat the wooden structure of your home like termites would or inhabit your mattress like dust mites. But they would certainly take over less used areas like the sheds and garages.

Living with scorpions is literally a huge pain. Some scorpion bites may not be lethal but they’re extremely painful. While there are easily over a thousand species of scorpions found all over the world, the deadliest one is found in the Southwest called the Arizona Bark Scorpion. You can identify this species as one that’s yellow-brown and not over three inches long.

If you live anywhere in Gilbert, Arizona, and its surrounding communities, Watchdog Pest Control is the company to call for your scorpion removal needs. The damage it may have to the physical, mental, and emotional being of your family including your pets could certainly be massive. Avoid the stress and allow us to help you remove them right away. Just call us at 602-842-5290 so we can get to your location immediately.

Scorpion stings are extremely painful and cause you so much stress. Some are even venomous enough, such as the Arizona Bark Scorpion, to kill humans. Many wonder what they should do if they were bitten or stung by scorpions. Should they go to the hospital right away?

Some would say that scorpion stings do not require immediate medical treatment. In fact, some would opt for first aid and home remedies only. However, if you do not know how to identify scorpions and you are unaware whether the scorpion that bit you has deadly venom, then going to the hospital is your best choice.

Scorpion anti-venom treatment is still under observation as it is said to not have been as effective as it claims. It can also be quite costly. But if you should get treated, it is best done before symptoms of venom infection are seen and felt.

Just so you know, the Arizona Bark Scorpion is identified for its yellowish brown color. It doesn’t grow over three inches long. If you happen to be bitten by a scorpion that looks like this, go to the hospital right away.

If you opt for first aid, simply wash the wound using water and mild soap. Apply a cold compress to slow down the venom from spreading and to reduce pain. Use OTC pain relievers to help ease the pain.

To avoid getting bitten or stung by scorpions, get rid of them at first sight. You must call professional pest control like Watchdog Pest Control to handle them for you as they can be extremely dangerous. For property owners in Gilbert, Arizona and surrounding areas, call us for scorpion removal at 602-842-5290.

Scorpions can be such a pain to deal with. Because they’re infamous for their sting that is known to be venomous and can sometimes be lethal, a lot of humans place scorpions on their list of top fears. But what can you do if you already have scorpions in your home? Fearing them is the last thing you should have in mind and panicking should not be an option.

All scorpions are venomous, but not all scorpions’ stings can lead to death. However, once you spot a scorpion in your home, you probably won’t have time to check out its appearance, identify its species, and find out whether it’s actually a deadly one. Deadly or not, it is best to get rid of them right away.

Call Professionals for Scorpion Removal

Thankfully, there are pest control companies that offer scorpion removal services. It is best to call on the experts when you need to remove scorpions from your home because they know exactly what to do and they have the skills and equipment to get the job done safely and properly.

Do not attempt to handle these scorpions on your own because you’ll never know if you can get that deadly sting at any time. While scorpions feed on other insects and not necessarily on human blood, they can still sting you when they feel threatened.

Scorpion Prevention for Your Home

Once your pest control contractor has already cleared the scorpions in your home, it is time to do a major cleanup. The last thing you want to have is another infestation of these dangerous pests. Scorpions live in groups and they can multiply in no time. If you spot one in your house, there’s a chance there are more that are not visible to the naked eye. After all, they like hidden dark places most.

Since scorpions go where there is water, and insects like ants and roaches to feed on, you need to keep your surroundings clean. If you keep these other insects away, then scorpions would have no reason to head on over to your house and live there. Spills, crumbs, leftovers and other pieces of clutter and garbage should be cleaned up immediately.

Because of our warm climate, scorpions are quite common in Arizona. If you’re in and around the Gilbert area, Watchdog Pest Control is the company to call for your scorpion removal needs. When there are already scorpions in your home, it is definitely important for you to call on professionals to trap, catch and get rid of them right away. We also offer services for scorpion seal outs to make sure they never come back. The experts in our team are extensively trained in handling scorpions and other pests such as bugs, spiders, rodents and more. To set an appointment, just give us a call at 602-842-5290.

Among the most feared critters in the world are scorpions. These creatures, tiny as they may seem, can certainly cause fear throughout the household whose home they invade. So how do you prevent scorpions from invading your environment? What are the things you must do to keep them out?

You must know that there are over 1,600 species of scorpions across all continents except for Antartica. They stay away from that region because of the extremely cold temperature, which makes it impossible for them to survive. But you can’t possibly keep your Arizona home as cold as Antartica at all times, right?

Scorpions enter your home through crevices and cracks. They are attracted to their prey, which are mainly smaller insects like roaches and ants. In order to keep them out of your home, you need to keep your property clean at all times. Puddles of water, spills, crumbs, garbage, clutter and other things that aren’t in order should be kept tidy. If you simply clean as you go, then you are keeping scorpion preys out, which also keeps scorpions out.

You may also seek the assistance of companies like Watchdog Pest Control for scorpion seal outs services. This kind of service helps you ensure that all cracks, crevices and tight dark areas in your home are sealed shut so scorpions have no entry point at all. For many years, we’ve helped homeowners in the Gilbert, Arizona area keep scorpions out. If you need assistance in preventing scorpions from invading your environment, call us today for a free consultation at 602-842-5290.

For many of us, pets are treated as part of the family. We do our best to keep them happy and comfortable. We feed them, bathe them and give them cuddles and kisses. We keep them out of danger at all times the way we would to the rest of our family members. If you currently have a scorpion issue in your property, you may ask — are scorpions dangerous for my pets?

You may have a dog or cat at home, and as much as you treat them as family, they consider you as their master and best friend. They would do everything to protect you. Should they see a scorpion lurking around, it’s not uncommon for them to attack and try to get rid of this scorpion on their own. But as self-defense, a scorpion could sting your beloved pet.

You must know that a scorpion’s sting on animals such as dogs and cats have pretty much the same effect it would have on humans. It can be extremely painful and sometimes even fatal, especially if your pet had an encounter with the Arizona Bark Scorpion. So the answer to your question on whether scorpions are dangerous for your pets — the answer is a resounding yes!

Treat a scorpion sting on your pet as an emergency. You might see your pet limping where it was bitten, sometimes they would drool too. If you suspect a scorpion sting, take your pet to the vet immediately.

And if you truly love your pet, keep the scorpions out. For scorpion removal assistance, call Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290. Just like you, we love our pets too and would never want these scorpions anywhere near them. Allow us to help you out!

A scorpion typically lives anywhere from three to five years. However, there are some of them who could live for over a decade or even up to 15 years. In case you don’t see them around your property, they might still be there but remain inactive. The question you must have now — when are scorpions most active? When should you take extra precaution?

Of course, you must always keep scorpions out, any time of the year. It doesn’t matter if you spot an Arizona Bark Scorpion beginning of the year when they’re most inactive because of the cooler season, you still need to get rid of them. Their deadly venom is still as deadly, and in fact, they might even find their way indoors where it’s much warmer.

Scorpions are also commonly found inside homes around May to June because they try to avoid the hot weather outside, but they’re most active from July to August because of the rapid increase in temperature. Truth is, property owners call pest control services the most during this period because scorpions are pretty much everywhere. And you should know that scorpions live in groups; they don’t usually like invading one’s space solo. So if you see one, there are more around that might not be visible to you just yet.

You need not wait until they’re most active to exert effort in keeping them out. Scorpion removal and scorpion seal outs are offered by Watchdog Pest Control in Gilbert, Arizona homes all year round. While we are called on the most when scorpions are extra-active, there are many homeowners who remain vigilant against scorpions any time of the year. For assistance, call us at 602-842-5290.

Scorpions are so common in the state of Arizona that many homeowners already opt to equip their home with scorpion seal outs installments. Common hiding places for scorpions include dark, moist areas where they have access to their prey. They feed on smaller insects like ants and roaches, so where these preys are, the scorpions remain and dominate.

Aside from your garden shed and garage, scorpion also like living under concrete walls and structures, wood, debris, logs, barks and many more. There are plenty of scorpion species across the world, over 1,600 to be more precise, and 60 of those species are in Arizona state. The Arizona Bark Scorpion is said to have the deadliest venom, while other scorpion stings are not deadly at all. Their bites are painful though so it’s best to keep them out.

Scorpions are commonly found in vents, cracks and other tiny holes in structures in and around your home. While they probably won’t go up to your attic especially on very warm days, they would enter areas on the ground floor for as long as they find an entry point. They are attracted to their prey, while their preys are attracted to the clutter, spills, leftovers, and other trash you leave behind.

While cleaning up your home and sealing cracks and holes around your property is the best way to keep them out, you have to call Watchdog Pest Control once they’re already in. It is extremely dangerous to handle scorpions on your own so you must certainly call professionals to handle them. For you scorpion problems in your Gilbert property, you may reach us at 602-842-5290 for assistance.

Scorpions breed in slightly different ways depending on their species. It is very important to be knowledgeable about the birthing cycle of scorpions. If you find that some of these pests are starting to invade your home, the last thing you want is for them to reproduce and multiply until it would be difficult to handle them.

For most scorpions, their reproductive cycle begins during late spring or early autumn. A male scorpion would look for a mature female to mate with. Once it does, it may take hours to days for them to mate. At first, the male scorpion can be aggressive towards the female in order for the female to allow mating. However, as soon as the mating ritual is over, a male scorpion should leave the female as he can become her next meal.

After a successful fertilization, the scorpion eggs become embryos and may result in about 25 to 35 scorplings. They look so much like grown scorpions except that they’re tiny and almost transparent in color. At this point, a scorpling’s exoskeleton hasn’t formed completely yet.

The scorpion mother is the protector of the scorplings during the first 50 days of life before their first molt. Until they’re fully developed, molting happens five more times. A female scorpion can mate and give birth once again in just a few months to a year after her last.

Just imagine the number of scorplings that can be full-grown scorpions if there are at least just a couple of female scorpions in your Gilbert, Arizona property. Get rid of them the moment you see them. Allow us to assist you with scorpion removal and seal outs. Call Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290 for assistance.

Most people know what scorpions are. We know what they look like and how dangerous they can get. One sting could lead to so much pain and sometimes even death. But do you know where scorpions came from? What is the history of scorpions?

Scorpions belong to the Scorpiones order under the Arachnida class, which makes them distant relatives of spiders. They also have eight legs but are most recognizable because of their pedipalps and segmented tail. Their tail is a forward curve that extends over their back. The end of that tail is its very venomous and sometimes deadly stinger.

The history of scorpions extends to over 430 million years way back during the Silurian era. Truth is their appearance hasn’t changed much over the years, unlike other animals and insects. They are great in adapting to their environment and have found their way to all continents except one — Antarctica, simply because it’s too cold for them to survive there.

Today, there are over 1,600 species of scorpions identified by humans. 60 of those are found in Arizona. Contrary to popular belief, not all scorpion species have deadly venoms. Only about 25 of those species can actually kill humans with a venomous sting. One of the deadliest, the Bark Scorpion, is found in Arizona.

Their millions of years of existence only prove that scorpions are survivors, but thankfully, there are ways to get rid of them. At Watchdog Pest Control, we offer scorpion removal and seal outs to make sure you won’t have to deal with a deadly scorpion in your Gilbert, Arizona backyard and in your house. Call us at 602-842-5290 for assistance.


Compared to other home pests, scorpions are among the most feared by humans. But what damage can scorpions inflict on you and your home? When you find one in your property, then you must get rid of it right away. It is very important for you to call on professionals to remove scorpions as they can be extremely dangerous to handle.
Scorpions live in groups so if you find one, expect more hidden in dark and moist places in your home. In fact, there are cases when hundreds of scorpions are found in just one Arizona home! Don’t wait until yours get massively infested before calling for pest control.

Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators will monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with SCORPIONS.

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