Scientific Name:Culicidae
Length:2 to 19 mm
Color:Brown, gray, black, white, and silver
Sound:Whining, buzz
What Are Mosquitoes?
In short, Mosquitoes are vectors of disease. They can be a direct transmission for bacteria, viruses and various parasites. They can also carry up to a range of 17 different diseases. These include some of the following: Zika fever, tularemia, West Nile virus, malaria, dengue, yellow fever, dirofilariasis, Japanese encephalitis, Ross River fever and many more.
Nearly 700 million people get some type of mosquito borne illness which in turn results in approximately over one million deaths annually. However, rest at ease knowing that the chance of becoming in infected with West Nile Virus for example, is about 1 out of 500 people. If bitten, the chance of the illness developing and wreaking havoc on the human body is roughly about 1 out of 300 people.
The most common species in Arizona alone are the Aedes & Psorophora and the Culex & Culiseta. The Aedes & Psorophora are known as the flood water species. They lay their eggs singly on muddy bank areas. Their eggs can live for years in dried mud and would need a heavy rain to hatch. They are active biters during the day time.
The Culex & Culiseta species lays eggs in groups on standing water. Due to predation, their eggs hatch within 24 hours. These are active biters at night.
The female mosquito is solely responsible for being the main carrier of these borne illnesses. She needs to consume a blood meal which contains protein, which then enables her to lay her eggs.
There are also over 170 types of mosquitoes in the U.S. and over 3,000 different types of species worldwide making them a threat to mankind and to animals.
Where Do Mosquitoes Live?
In order to find out where mosquitoes live, you must know that most of their species remain in the area where they were born. If there’s a breeding ground for mosquitoes in your property, don’t expect these mosquitoes to transfer someplace else after their eggs have hatched. They will most likely infest your household. And so, it is best to get rid of them and the source of their eggs as early as possible.
Mosquitoes are found on all continents except Antarctica. Most species do not survive in the cold winter season. Most of them would even die as winter approaches. Because they like warm climates so much, many of these mosquitoes survive in Arizona. However, they need a whole lot of water. Being in a desert region, their chance for survival is less for as long as you keep your property clean at all times.
They rest outdoors in gardens and lawns or when you have a grassy area in your yard. They’d hide beneath tall grass and weeds. They breed in stagnant water. Even as little as 10mL of water would be enough for a female mosquito to breed and lay eggs! These stagnant water sources can be those left behind in cans, bucket, puddles, tires or even trays in plant pots. It gets even worse when you have ponds and swamps in your property. Swimming pools that don’t get cleaned regularly can also be the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes.
If you believe mosquitoes are breeding in your property, then it’s time to call for mosquito removal assistance. Watchdog Pest Control can help you out. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for an appointment with an expert.
What Kinds of Mosquitoes Live in My Area?
There are thousands of mosquito species found all over the world. They can survive pretty much everywhere except for Antarctica because of the extreme cold weather. Needless to say, mosquitoes prefer warmer climates. Some of their species even die off during the winter season. Since it’s sunny most of the year in Arizona, residents need to be concerned about the presence of mosquitoes most of the year.
Mosquitoes can transmit a number of serious diseases. In fact, they can be very deadly. They are responsible for the most number of human deaths caused by creatures every year. You must prevent mosquitoes from invading your Phoenix home at all costs. Just so you know there are close to 200 mosquitoes species that exist in the United States. 40 of those are found in Arizona.
Among the most common mosquitoes found in the Arizona state are the Asian tiger mosquito, dark rice field mosquito, yellow fever mosquito, southern house mosquito, western malaria mosquito, inland floodwater mosquito, and the western encephalitis mosquito. Their names alone would already give you an idea of how dangerous these insects can get on both humans and your pets.
Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, which makes some wonder how they survive in Arizona where it’s dry most of the time. This state still has some woodland, swamps, and many other sources of stagnant water. There are cans and buckets of water left behind in homes. Even a 10mL accumulation of water in trays where you water you water your plants can be a place for mosquito breeding.
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What Damage Can Mosquitoes Inflict On You And Your Home?
Mosquitoes are found everywhere on the planet except Antarctica. There are over 2,500 species and they are definitely considered dangerous pests. They can be all around you from your home to your place of business to public areas and more. Because they’re so tiny, they can squeeze even into the tiniest holes and cracks. It is true that there’s a whole lot of damage these mosquitoes can inflict on you and your household.
Because they’re very little and cannot chew on wood, concrete, cement, and other materials the structure of your home may be built with, it’s unlikely they would cause damage on your actual house. However, they can be damaging in so many other ways. For instance, a mosquito infestation is never pretty. When you have too many mosquitoes around your home, this wouldn’t be good for you, your family, and your guests. Mosquitoes certainly do not make a home beautiful at all. In addition, they multiply so quickly that you can have a huge infestation in no time without proper prevention.
They carry a number of diseases. In fact, mosquitoes are said to be responsible for more deaths in humans yearly compared to any other animal. It is indeed the most dangerous creature on Earth. Aside from the diseases they naturally carry, they can transfer viruses from one person to another as they feed on human blood continuously.
While you can certainly spray or apply insect repellent to prevent them from biting you, these do not kill mosquitoes at all. It is best to call professional mosquito removal from Watchdog Pest Control for proper assistance. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for a free quote.
What Do I Do If I Was Bitten/Stung By Mosquitoes?
Mosquito bites must be taken seriously. Because they’re rarely painful, some people don’t mind getting bitten here and there if it happens only every once in a while. However, even one mosquito bite can lead to so many illnesses. In worst cases, even death. So what do you do if you’ve been bitten by a mosquito? Should you worry right away?
Not all mosquito bites are deadly so you shouldn’t panic when you get bitten. A mosquito bite looks like a red or pink round bump on the surface of your skin. It can be very itchy most of the time. The itch wouldn’t last longer than several minutes though unless you continuously get bitten by mosquitoes.
Since mosquitoes are very light and tiny, you wouldn’t really notice that they’re already starting to bite you. You may sometimes feel it but more often than not, it’s too late for you to stop them. To prevent mosquito bites, use insect repellent. DEET, citronella, picaridin, and lemon eucalyptus are some of the top mosquito repellents you can easily buy on the market.
When you are already bitten, simply wash the mosquito bit with water and soap. To help relieve itching, you may use over-the-counter anti-itch creams you can get from drugstores. A cold compress can be very helpful too. Allergic reactions are rare, but if you feel sick after getting bitten, you must get medical assistance right away.
To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, seek assistance from Watchdog Pest Control. We offer mosquito removal services in Phoenix, Arizona and nearby communities. Call 602-842-5290 today.
What Can You Do If You Already Have Mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes are some of the world’s deadliest pests. Females feed on blood to help with the development of their eggs. It can be quite challenging to keep them away from your property completely, but it is possible. If you’re wondering what you can do if you already have mosquitoes, you’d be glad to know that there are ways you can do it on your own or with the assistance of professionals.
It’s not hard to tell if there’s already a mosquito infestation in your property. These flying insects show up and make themselves visible and felt. As soon as they start biting you, you’d certainly want to get rid of them right away. They’re not only dangerous, they can be such a hassle and inconvenience to have around.
When you already have mosquitoes in your property, the best steps you can take are to protect yourself and clean your environment. You may use insect sprays to get rid of them, but that doesn’t solve the problem completely. There may be a lot of eggs around especially if there are areas with stagnant water in your property. You must clean those areas immediately Use insect repellents such as DEET or citronella to keep them from biting you.
If the infestation is too much to handle, then it’s time to call for professional mosquito removal assistance. Watchdog Pest Control will help you get rid of mosquitoes in your Phoenix, Arizona property the best way possible. Furthermore, we can help you prevent them from coming back. Call us at 602-842-5290 for assistance.
How Do You Prevent Mosquitoes From Invading Your Environment?
Mosquitoes are very dangerous creatures. In fact, they’re so dangerous that they’re responsible for more deaths in humans compared to any other critter in the world. They carry a number of diseases and they bite non-stop. They can carry blood inside them multiple times the weight of their body. To stop them from harming you and your loved ones, you must know about ways to prevent mosquitoes from invading your environment.
The best way to stop mosquitoes from continuing to breed and live on your property is by keeping your surroundings clean. Make sure all puddles, buckets and other containers with water are drained and dried up. These are the main sources of mosquitoes because they breed in these areas. As little as a tiny puddle of water would be enough for them to breed and produce more eggs.
You may also use insecticides. There are insecticides that are meant for flying insects like mosquitoes while others are effective for most kinds of house insects. You have to take extra precaution though because some of these contain toxic chemicals that may be harmful even to humans.
To keep mosquitoes from entering your home, close windows and doors. If it gets too warm inside, make sure you have screens on windows and doors with very small gaps to ensure that mosquitoes won’t fit.
Better yet, call Watchdog Pest Control for mosquito removal. We can help you with effective preventive methods too! You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for assistance.
Are Mosquitoes Dangerous For My Pets?
Most mosquito species need to feed on blood, whether human or animal blood, to survive. When we get bitten by mosquitoes, we know about it right away. We clean and wash the bite and apply anti-itch cream. However, when these mosquitoes attack our pets, would we even know about it? Are they even dangerous to pets?
Long story short – mosquitoes would bite your pets and feed on their blood just like the way they would on humans. Unfortunately, diseases and viruses from mosquito bites can also be transferred to pets. In fact, mosquitoes are considered the deadliest creature on earth. They are to blame for the most number of deaths in humans annually! Imagine the damage and harm they can do on your pets.
In the case of dogs and cats, one of the most common diseases transmitted by mosquitoes is heartworm. A mosquito can transfer heartworm infection from one animal to another. Thousands of cats and dogs are treated yearly because of heartworm infections. The disease has become so common that many veterinarians offer vaccines for it already. Mosquitoes can be deadly to horses, too. They can get infected with encephalitis from a single mosquito bite so vaccines may also be necessary as a preventive measure.
Especially when your pets remain outdoors for hours on end every day, it would be hard to monitor their every move to ensure mosquitoes don’t come near them. Insect repellents on humans may not work on them and insecticides could be toxic. It is best to seek assistance from mosquito removal experts instead. Call Watchdog Pest Control for help at 602-842-5290.
When Are Mosquitoes Most Active?
There are over 2,500 species of mosquitoes found all over the world. In the United States alone, there are close to 176 species of these flying insects. Their activity depends on their species. Some are active during the day while others are more active during nighttime. This explains why you can get bitten by mosquitoes at any given time, which makes it all the more important to have yourself protected and your home clear from possible mosquito breeding areas.
Most mosquitoes that exist in the United States are most active during the peak of the night. Especially in Arizona where it gets extremely warm most of the day, these mosquitoes would seek shelter from the hot sun. They’d be close to areas where water is or in shaded places such as beneath tall grasses and weeds. While gardening or if you decide to hike up to forests and wooded areas during the daytime, it is best to apply insect repellent on your skin.
Mosquitoes become less active during the winter season. In fact, many of their species die off when the climate becomes cold. Others would hide and hibernate while waiting for the next warmer season. The hotter it gets, the more mosquitoes would show up, be active, reproduce and bite. Especially in the summer season, you must be ready with proper insect protection. Better yet, make sure your surroundings are clean so insects wouldn’t have the chance to multiply.
If you believe that mosquitoes are starting to infest your property, seek assistance from experts. Watchdog Pest Control is ready to help you out. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for mosquito removal services.
Where Are The Common Hiding Places For Mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes are tiny insects that fly around, which make it difficult for us to catch them. When one is about to bite you, you may be lucky enough to catch and kill it with your bare hands. If you do this, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Yes, they do bite a lot and they multiply too easily. You must know where the common hiding places for mosquitoes are to effectively remove them and keep them from coming back.
These mosquitoes do not fly too far from where they were born. So if there’s a breeding area in your property, they’re most likely hiding close by. They would usually rest beneath tall plants and grasses. You will notice that they are mostly in your garden or lawn area. If you have an open porch or patio, some of them would go there especially as sunset approaches.
They breed on stagnant water. These could be puddles left behind for days. These could also be ponds or swamps, even swimming pools left uncleaned. If there’s rainwater or even clean water stuck on discarded tires, cans, and buckets, they can breed there, too. While Arizona rarely gets wet most of the year, these mosquitoes may breed close to pans or trays by your plant pots. When you water your plants, some of the water gets left behind in this area. As little as 10mL would be more than enough for a mosquito to start breeding.
To help you find these hiding places so you may start exterminating mosquitoes completely, call Watchdog Pest Control for assistance. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for a quote.
What is the Birthing Cycle of Mosquitoes?
The birthing cycle of mosquitoes varies depending on its species, the location, and the temperature. In warmer climates such as in Arizona, its life cycle may only take about 10 to 14 days. Some species have life cycles ranging from 4 to 30 days. The birthing cycle of mosquitoes come in four distinct stages — egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
When a female mosquito lays its legs on stagnant water, the legs float on the surface. They sometimes lay the eggs one at a time. Others are attached to come up with what seems like a raft on the water. There could be up to 200 eggs stuck together in one raft. Note that some mosquito species can lay their eggs on damp soil, not necessarily on a pool of water. Others require as little as 10mL of water to lay eggs. Just imagine how a puddle of water you left behind without cleaning could start the growth of hundreds of mosquitoes. Before the stagnant water could even dry up, the eggs may already start hatching at this stage, which could only take up to 48 hours.
Once the eggs hatch and reach the larva stage, the mosquito starts growing and molts or sheds the skin four times. They feed on microorganisms found int he water. Next comes the pupal stage where they don’t feed at all. But they move around as they slowly become an emerging adult. As soon as the adult mosquito gains flight after spreading out and drying off its wings, it may take up to two days before they start mating and feeding on blood.
Stop the cycle while you can. For mosquito removal services in Phoenix and beyond, call Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290.
What is the History Of Mosquitoes?
Mosquitoes exist and survive anywhere in the world except for Antarctica. They are most active during warmer seasons and many of their species die off during winter. So if they die in the cold, how do they manage to continue to exist? Why does the history of mosquitoes date back to hundreds of millions of years?
Mosquitoes survive because not all of them die during winter. Some simply hibernate. Not all areas have cold winters, too. So mosquitoes continue to live and multiply. It has been written that the oldest known mosquito could have lived about 226 million years ago. Today, there are more than 2,500 species identified by scientists. Close to 200 exist in the United States.
They belong to the Animalia kingdom, with the Euarthropoda clade, insect’s class, Diptera order. Mosquitoes furthermore belong to the Culicidae family and the Culicoidea superfamily.
Because mosquitoes play a huge role in human life simply because they’re such annoying pests, they were mentioned countless times in human culture. For instance, there are fables, films, books, and even art pieces that incorporate mosquitoes. They have always been very difficult to deal with as they are challenging to completely exterminate. Their bites are deadly. In fact, they are the world’s deadliest creature being responsible for the most number of deaths in humans caused by animals.
Over the years, different mosquito control and prevention methods have already been applied. To this day, they still exist. However, you can find ways to keep them away from you and your property. For expert assistance in mosquito removal, Watchdog Pest Control can help you out. You may call us at 602-842-5290 for details.


Mosquitoes can transmit a number of serious diseases. In fact, they can be very deadly. They are responsible for the most number of human deaths caused by creatures every year. You must prevent mosquitoes from invading your Phoenix home at all costs. Just so you know there are close to 200 mosquitoes species that exist in the United States. 40 of those are found in Arizona.
For proper prevention and mosquito removal, call on the experts of Watchdog Pest Control right away. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for a quote.

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