Scientific Name:Diptera
Length:About 6 mm
Color:Variable in color; metallic
What are Flies?
Based on its name, flies are flying insects that are some of the most common found everywhere in the world. They have six legs and extremely complex compound eyes that give them such great vision. If you’re trying to catch a fly using a fly swatter, their vision makes it a little challenging for you to beat them before they start flying away. Because they’re so common, aside from being a nuisance, many don’t mind it if they have a couple of flies in their property. However, they become a big problem once they enter your home and start an infestation.

There are many kinds of flies. Some do not even realize that mosquitoes, which are considered some of the deadliest pests in the world, also belong to the fly family. House flies, which are commonly between 4 to 7.5 mm in size, may be small, but can also cause a whole lot of stress and bring in a number of diseases to any household.

House flies feed on anything dirty — garbage, rotten and spoiling food, animal waste, etc. are some of their favorites, but they would readily swarm over your fresh food and water anytime, too. Poorly maintained and unclean homes with poor sanitation are usually their preferred habitat. They would enter through doors, windows, unsealed cracks, broken screens and more.

There are plenty of ways to prevent house flies, which is as easy as keeping your home clean, your doors and windows closed properly, or setting up fly traps. For infestations, it is best to eliminate them with the help of a company like Watchdog Pest Control. For fly removal in your Gilbert, Arizona property, call us at 602-842-5290.

Where Do Flies Live?
Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a super-clean environment and locked inside a 100% sanitation-guaranteed house all your life, then you probably haven’t seen any kind of fly ever. However, if you live under normal human circumstances, then you must have encountered at least more than an average number of flies throughout your lifetime. Flies live everywhere around the world. Unlike most insects and animals that are usually not able to survive in Antartica, even the cold continent is not able to keep these insects out. They do have species of tiny flies that are active during the summer season in the region.

For the rest of the world, however, we would have to deal with countless flies almost on a daily basis. Mosquitoes, for instance, are considered to be part of the fly family. Households are pestered by house flies when there are spoiling or rotten food, garbage, animal feces and waste and other poor sanitation issues around.

Flies are most active during the day and when night comes, they usually head to trees outdoors where they would rest under the branches and leaves. They would also hide under tall grass and other kinds of plants. If they remain indoors, they will remain still and mostly inactive at night time. They would be on curtains, underneath your kitchen sink and other areas where they won’t be disturbed.

If you have flies living in your home and your handy fly swatter is no longer doing its job right, then it’s time to call Watchdog Pest Control. We offer fly removal services at fair prices for Arizona homeowners. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for an appointment.

What Kinds of Flies Live in My Area?
There are flies practically anywhere you go in the world. In fact, they look so similar that one would quickly assume that most insects that would fly around homes are either house flies or mosquitoes. Even Antartica has their own species of flies, which only goes to show how pestering these insects can get. In Arizona, house flies are some of the most common pests homeowners have to deal with, but there are also other kinds of flies that live in the area.

Truth is there are hundreds of bugs and insects commonly found in Arizona. Among the most common flies in the state include the house fly, leaf miner fly, fruit fly, vinegar fly, signal fly, stable fly, green bottle fly, soldier fly, eye gnat, and some others. As mentioned earlier, we worry most about house flies or the Musca Domestica mainly because when they infest, they come in large numbers. One female fly can produce hundreds of eggs that would turn to maggots in no time. These can become full-grown flies with some females that would give birth to even more fly babies!

Flies in Arizona are common because our weather is mostly dry and warm. This is what flies love the most. It is your responsibility as a homeowner to keep your surroundings clean to prevent these insects from infesting your environment. If they start to invade your property, you must call on fly removal services from professionals to eliminate them completely and prevent them from coming back. You may reach Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290 for assistance.

What Damage Can Flies Inflict on You and Your Home?
There are different kinds of flies, but among the most common are house flies and fruit flies. House flies, in particular, are especially irritating and can be such a nuisance for homeowners. They are found pretty much everywhere and are fairly challenging to catch without the proper tools or knowledge of the best methods. If you’re wondering to what kind of damage flies may inflict on you and your home, read on.

A house fly is such a huge nuisance that they are not welcome at all in any household. They are usually around homes and locations where humans are because of access to the kind of food they like the most — rotten food, garbage, human and animal waste, and more. If they fly around and rest on all of these things, just imagine how much germs and diseases they could carry at all times.

In fact, house flies are known to have over 100 pathogens associated to them. They can affect both humans and your pets with illnesses such as typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhea, among many others. They may not bite you or damage your property greatly, but they can bring serious damage to your health. All these bacteria and germs they carry with them can easily be transferred to your food and water.

But you must also know that there are some flies that actually bite, and these are what we know as mosquitoes. Yes, there are mosquito bites that can even be deadly!

While you can certainly try DIY ways on getting rid of house flies and other kinds of flies, larger infestations may require assistance from experts. Call Watchdog Pest Control for fly removal services at 602-842-5290.

What Do I Do If I Was Bitten/Stung By Flies?

Flies are certainly some of the most dangerous and common insects one has to deal with in their household. They are major carriers of a ton of different diseases and they can cause a whole lot of illnesses and diseases, some of these deadly. Some would think that flies would never bite, but the truth is their bites are quite common. To add, mosquitoes are actually a type of fly so you have to beware of their bites too!

When you’re bitten or stung by flies, what exactly should you do? It depends on the type of fly that bit you. Since some of the most common are mosquito bites, you must know by now how to prevent these. Especially when you’re going to spend late afternoons and nights outdoors, you will most likely end up with a lot of mosquito bites. But of course, they can bite any time of the day. It is best to use insect repellents such as creams, lotions, and sprays that you can easily purchase on your own.

When you are already bitten by a fly or mosquito, you may use anti-itch cream or cold compress to help relieve the itch. It is also best to look out for symptoms of diseases in case the fly has transmitted any kind of virus. These symptoms may appear days or even weeks after you get that bite, which includes fever, nausea, and headaches among others.

To ensure that your home is free from dangerous insects such as flies and mosquitoes, call Watchdog Pest Control for fly removal at 602-842-5290.

What Can You Do If You Already Have Flies?
Flies could probably come in as one of the top most annoying insects of all time. Not because most of their common species don’t bite means they aren’t harmless at all. In fact, they are one of the most dangerous flying insects that you could have in your home as they carry a whole lot of germs and diseases. And you must know that one of the most dangerous disease-carrying insects belong to the family of flies – mosquitoes. So if you’re wondering what you can do if you already have flies, read on and find out.

It’s a year-round problem, really. These flies don’t mind if it’s a little cold or way too warm. They’ll appear even when you least expect them. The best way to prevent these flies from coming to your property is by keeping your surroundings clean. Leftover food should be kept covered and stored properly. Garbage should be covered or tightly sealed in garbage bags. Animal waste should be disposed of properly.

However, there are times when people already do their part in cleaning up their surroundings but flies still show up. In this case, there are some things you can try doing. There are fly catchers you can prepare such as fly papers or glue papers, cider vinegar traps, and other similar items. You may also use a fly swatter if you simply want to get rid of a few house flies. Insect repellents are also ideal to avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes.

If there’s an infestation of flies in your home, these home remedies and DIY traps may no longer work. It is time to call on professional assistance from companies like Watchdog Pest Control. For fly removal services in your Arizona property, call us at 602-842-5290.

How Do You Prevent Flies From Invading Your Environment?
They may be tiny but flies can be such huge nuisances in any household. They would swarm on garbage, rotten food, and animal waste, then fly over to your clean source of water and your fresh food. They could spread diseases so easily and the germs they carry are just too many despite their size. As much as possible, you must prevent flies from invading your environment.

It’s not as easy as it seems, but all you really have to do is make sure that your surroundings are clean at all times. Sanitize your home and eliminate any possible area where these flies could have laid their eggs. Make sure you throw your garbage out at night and you shut the lid of your trash cans tightly. Get rid of compostable waste immediately including rotten and spoiling food that can attract these flies to your home. You must also ensure that all doors, windows, and walls around your home are free from cracks, crevices, and broken screens.

In case you’re dealing with mosquitoes, which also belong to the fly family and are just as pestering as house flies, you must get rid of stagnant water and other places around your property where they can breed. Use insect repellent to ensure that your family is protected from their dangerous bites.

If flies have already invaded your property and fly traps simply won’t work anymore, seek assistance from experts like Watchdog Pest Control. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for fly removal services for your Arizona property.

Are Flies Dangerous for My Pets?
Pets, dogs, in particular, find it fun to chase and catch flies. More often than not, they end up eating a fly or two. You might be asking yourself now — are flies dangerous for my pets? What kind of danger can flies bring? While it may seem like a harmless activity, flies can bring more danger to our pets than we expect.

First of all, you must know that if your pet ends up eating a couple of flies, it really won’t be damaging to your pet’s health. For instance, if your dog managed to catch a few flies and ate them, unless your dog went head to head with stinging insects, then there shouldn’t be any problem. When a bug or fly stings your dog, it can cause some irritation. It can also cause allergic reactions in some rare cases. But then again, if your pet succeeded in eating that fly, he probably won’t get sick unless he consumes more than a few all the time. It can lead to worm development in your pet’s stomach.

Another time when flies can be dangerous is if your pet has an open wound and the fly decides to lay eggs on it. This can develop into maggots in no time, which will, of course, be very dangerous to your pet. In this case, make sure you bring your pet to the vet. To prevent maggots from developing, your pet should be cleaned up and bathed all the time.

It is best not to assume safety at all times when flies seem to be harmless. Because we all love our pets, we have to keep them away from the dangers of flies. For fly removal, call Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290.

When Are Flies Most Active?
Flies are found everywhere in the world. Unlike other insects that are at least not able to survive in Antartica, flies are much stronger survivors. Yes, there are even fly species found in the world’s coldest continent. If these flies don’t care about the temperature to be active, then it only means they can be around to pester us all the time, all year round. But when are flies most active? When is it best to get rid of them?

There’s no best time to get rid of flies. Since they’re around all the time, it is your responsibility as a homeowner to try to prevent them from invading your property every time you can. Fly prevention should happen even if you don’t see them active, so must always keep your home and surroundings clean.

When it comes to house flies, they are most active during the daytime. While some of their species can survive in the cold, house flies love warm weather and sunlight, which explains their abundance in Arizona. Once the sun starts to rise, they start hunting for food, flying around and pestering people with their presence. They get ready for rest as the sun sets and would hide in corners around your home or underneath leaves, tree branches, grass, and other plants when outdoors.

Flies do sleep. They rest during night time. But if they get disturbed, they will certainly start flying around once again. If you believe that your home has a case of fly infestation, it is right to call the experts in fly removal. Watchdog Pest Control is available to assist you in your Arizona property. Just give us a call at 602-842-5290 for an appointment.

Where are the Common Hiding Places for Flies?
If you’ve been having a fly infestation problem at home, killing those that come your way won’t really help solve the problem. There are fly traps, fly swatters and other insecticides that you can try out, but if you don’t manage to find the common hiding places for flies, then you probably don’t have the best solution in your hands yet. First, you must find their source, eliminate it, then sanitize the rest of your home.

Flies are around their food source all the time. They like garbage, rotten food, animal waste and other areas where it’s moist and dirty. They have no problem showing themselves during the daytime. In fact, it’s impossible for you to miss finding out if there’s a fly infestation in your home because these flies won’t be hiding. Come night time, they’d take refuge in your garden underneath tall grass and your other plants, and in the branches and leaves of your tree. When indoors, they would be inactive and stay in corners of your home.

You can use all these fly control measures you can find on the market, but you can’t certainly get rid of them unless you destroy their very source. If you suspect areas where flies may have laid their eggs, clean and sanitize that area right away. Throw your garbage properly and shut its lid tightly. Clean your surroundings and make sure your home is free from broken screens, windows and other crevices and cracks where they could enter.

Better yet, seek the assistance of experts in finding these common hiding places for flies. Call Watchdog Pest Control for fly removal services for your Arizona property at 602-842-5290.

What is the Birthing Cycle of Flies?
It is never fun to deal with flies in your home. They are simply one of the most pestering flying insects you would ever have to get rid of because there can be too many of them at a time. In order to eliminate them completely, you must know their source and where the birthing cycle of flies starts. This is the only way for you to ensure that you can stop them from coming back.

When it comes to house flies, it all begins as an egg. Just one female can lay more than 150 eggs at one time. That one time happens five or six times in just a few days! It is not impossible for one female fly to produce over a thousand eggs in a week, which will soon become a huge fly infestation in your property.

They would lay their eggs in dark and moist surfaces like rotten and spoiled food, garbage, animal waste, and other similar areas. These eggs would only need a day to hatch and become larvae or what we also know as maggots. These are white tiny insects that resemble worms because they don’t have legs. These maggots will then pupate. It may take up to 6 days for these fly babies to start developing their wings and legs until they become fully grown. After a couple of days, female flies can already start laying their own eggs.

Just imagine this rapid fly reproduction and how fast they can invade your environment. To get assistance in fly removal, call the experts at Watchdog Pest Control right away at 602-842-5290.

What is the History of Flies?
Flies are some of the most common insects you’ll find anywhere in the world. Many of us dislike them and it is safe to assume that these flying pests are not welcome in any of our homes. As much as possible, we keep them out because we know they carry diseases and they are such nuisances. Because of this, not a lot of us ever became interested in the history of flies. But many of us know that they’ve been around since forever and since they’re such strong survivors, there’s more than just the house fly to bother us for many more years to come.

They belong to the order Diptera under the Insecta class. Their superorder is Panorpida. All these scientific names pertain to true flies, which have countless of species found across the world, including Antartica. The Diptera order comes with over 1,000,000 species, which include the house fly, horse fly, hover fly, crane fly, and many others. Insects in this order fly using a single pair of wings. They can have more than one pair of wings, but the hindwings are developed to be used as a mechanosensory organ. Among these 1,000,000 species of insects in the Diptera order, only 125,000 were described by scientists. History has included these flies in books, which proves that they’re probably around since the beginning of time.

House flies, obviously, are what bother homeowners the most. They appear active during the day and are around most of the year. If you believe that your home is infested by flies and the traps you prepared seem to no longer work, you may get assistance for fly removal from Watchdog Pest Control. Call 602-842-5290 for an appointment.


They may be tiny but flies can be such huge nuisances in any household. They would swarm on garbage, rotten food, and animal waste, then fly over to your clean source of water and your fresh food. They could spread diseases so easily and the germs they carry are just too many despite their size. As much as possible, you must prevent flies from invading your environment.
If flies have already invaded your property and fly traps simply won’t work anymore, seek assistance from experts like Watchdog Pest Control. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for fly removal services for your Arizona property.

Watchdog Pest Control and exterminators will monitor your home and help prevent an infestation with FLIES.

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