Scientific Name:Aves
Length:5 cm to 2.75 m
Color:Variable in color
Sounds:Chirp, tweet, shriek, caw, hoot
What are Birds?
Even a toddler can easily identify what a bird is. There are countless bird species across the world – some of them in the wild, others are made into pets, while many more are considered pests. Bird pests are possibly one of the most difficult to control in properties. Especially when they choose to take over your garden or your roof, you’ve got a whole lot chirping to deal with in the early morning and a lot of cleaning because their droppings are simply endless.

Birds are identified as feathered animals with two wings and two legs. They’re mostly harmless because they rarely bother humans. They fly up above us, rest on tree branches or higher places so humans won’t bother them. As much as possible, they’d stay away from people who may hurt or capture them. Truth is, especially when you live in urban areas, birds are no longer that common and seeing some would certainly be a special sight.

But then again, birds are not as harmless as they may seem. While most of them rarely bite humans, they can do a lot of damage to people and their properties. If a flock of birds keeps coming back to your property, your roof can end up with so many droppings that you would need a costly replacement. They would build nests on roof drains and pipes. Some of them would even race you to that very fresh fruit on your tree that you’ve waited for so long to pick.

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Where Do Birds Live?
Birds are found everywhere in the world. Depending on the bird species, some of them live in forests, areas close to the ocean, farms, urban areas, and more. Some even migrate from one place to another where it’s warmer during the winter season. Because it is mostly warm all year in Arizona, birds are quite common in the state. Not all of them are welcome in residential and commercial properties because they can do a lot of damage. When birds become pests, they should be removed.

They prefer places where they would always have access to food and water. If you happen to have a fountain, pond or any source of water on your property, they would probably choose to stay there. If you prepare bird feed for them, they would most likely stick around. Unless you’re committed to taking care of these birds, then you should keep them out. When they are around all the time, maintenance could be extremely difficult and stressful. They’d leave their droppings everywhere and cleaning would simply be endless.

In Arizona, birds such as pigeons, house sparrows, woodpeckers, and more are quite common. They would flock towards homes and places of business. Even if you don’t actually leave food for them, they can build their nests on the tree in your garden or even on your roof drains. They may seem harmless but the damage they can bring with all their waste could be costly for you.

If you have a bird pest problem in your property, it is best to call experts for assistance. Watchdog Pest Control offers bird removal services in Arizona. To set an appointment, you may call 602-842-5290.

Where Are The Common Hiding Places For Birds?
When dealing with a bird problem in your property, it would be challenging to catch them when you are not prepared. While some property owners opt to set up traps such as nets or barbed wires to keep them out or catch them when they do fly in, others would have to call professional assistance to help them capture these birds. Birds don’t usually have hiding places within residential or commercial properties. Some may find a bird or two trapped in the attic or in the garage, but that rarely happens. Since birds have the ability to fly, they would rather take flight than hiding where humans can find them.

They do rest during the night or when there are storms. They would seek shelter under large trees, nest-holes, and other areas where they can avoid lightning and too much rain. In case of a thunderstorm, birds know better than to settle on treetops because they know these may not be stable enough to stay still especially when the wind blows strongly.

It is also easy to say when there’s a bird infestation in your property. Just look for the droppings. In fact, you won’t even have to look for the droppings anymore because they would be everywhere. Smaller birds like sparrows and pigeons can produce bird poop up to 50 times in just one day. It’s impossible you won’t see these droppings on ledges, pavements, your rooftop or even your car.

If you suspect a bird problem waiting to happen in your property, it is best not to wait it out until it becomes worse. Call for professional assistance from Watchdog Pest Control. For bird removal services, you may reach us at 602-842-5290.

What Kinds of Birds Live in My Area?
Since the weather is mostly warm and beautiful in Arizona all year round, animals love being around the state. Birds, in particular, have no fear flying over Arizona skies, finding nests in trees and houses, or even pestering homeowners. It would be nice if you have pretty cardinals and cactus wrens resting on your window ledge as you wake up in the morning. It would be a problem when you have non-native birds that are starting to become an issue in your property.

The top urban pest bird in the United States and many more areas across the world is the pigeon. Feral pigeons multiply greatly within a short period of time and they come in very large groups. There’s plenty of them in Arizona too and property owners have to deal with their seemingly endless bird droppings found pretty much everywhere from the rood of the house to the newly washed car.

Aside from pigeons, the house sparrow is also very common in Arizona. They place second after pigeons as the top urban pest bird anyone has ever had to deal with. Other birds found in Arizona include the Gila Woodpecker, starlings, barn or cliff swallows, grackles, and crows among some others.

While there are some ways to deal with bird problems on your own such as placing bird repellent on ledges or spikes around your home to prevent them from resting there, it is best to seek professional assistance. In Arizona, the top company for bird removal is Watchdog Pest Control. You may reach us at 602-842-5290 for bird removal services.

What Damage Can Birds Inflict On You And Your Home?

Birds seem to be very harmless creatures. After all, they fly around above our heads, rest on trees and pavements, and would fly away the moment you get close to them. Truth be told, there are plenty of birds that are now considered pests. They are pretty to look at indeed, but once you have a flock of them taking over your property, you’d probably calling for bird control services sooner than later. So what damage can birds inflict on you and your home? What should you watch out for?

As a homeowner, there’s not much you can do to keep birds away unless you call for professional assistance. You can’t really lock your entire property within a cage just to keep birds out, right? Some would think that bird problems can be a little too exaggerated because what can they do to you? Truth is, some birds are considered pest birds for a reason. They can do damage to you and your home a whole lot more than you think.

You must know that birds produce a lot of droppings. In fact, smaller birds like sparrows or even pigeons can poop up to 50 times in one day. Imagine how dirty your ledge, pavements, roof, or even cars can get just because of their droppings. These droppings even come with a number of diseases so they must be cleaned right away. Simply put, these birds can damage your property and make you sick when uncontrolled.

For bird removal services the most humane way possible, call Watchdog Pest Control. We service Arizona properties and would help you in getting rid of these pest birds. You may reach us at 602-842-5290.

What Do I Do If I Was Bitten By Birds?

It is uncommon for birds to bite humans, but if they do, it would be because of fear or a form of self-defense. They fly up above our heads and would rarely let us touch them unless they’re our pet, of course. If you are not petting a bird or you weren’t trying to catch one, chances are you will never get bitten by one. But on that very rare occasion that you do get bitten by birds, what should you do?

First of all, unless you’re attacked by a very large bird, that bird bite would probably be more like a peck. It may or may not break your skin. If your skin didn’t break, watch out for swelling or bruises. To avoid this, better prepare cold compress, and if it hurts, you may try taking pain relievers.

If that bird bite actually became a wound, has damaged your skin, and caused it to bleed, then you would have to evaluate the wound first. Is it extensive enough for you to need medical attention? If not, then you can treat it at home. Just cleanse it thoroughly using warm water and mild soap. It is also best to use a disinfectant after washing. You may also use antibiotic ointments or other wound treatments afterward. Should the wound be large enough, you may have to apply a bandage.

Birds rarely bite, but when they do, it could hurt a whole lot. No one will blame you if you have that sense of fear of you or your children getting bitten when there’s a bird infestation in your property. Better call Watchdog Pest Control today at 602-842-5290 for bird removal services.

Are Birds Dangerous for My Pets?
Some birds can be considered pets. A lot of individuals choose birds to be their pet as they are fairly easy to maintain and care for. Unlike dogs or cats that need constant attention, birds can be left the entire day in a cage for as long as it has access to food and water. But then again, some people consider birds as pests and they often wonder whether birds are dangerous for their pets. Are birds dangerous when you have cats and dogs in and around your property?

Birds are mostly harmless to your pets. In fact, the birds are in danger should you have cats and dogs around. We’ve heard of so many cases when dogs are chasing around birds and would manage to catch one. Most of the time, the bird will be on the losing end. Birds wouldn’t bite your pets because before they have the chance to do so, they’d probably be chased and captured already.

The real problem could be bird droppings. These birds, especially house sparrows and pigeons, which are so common in Arizona, would produce a whole lot of bird poop. One small bird can poop up to 50 times in a day! It would be difficult to look after where their droppings are all the time so there’s a chance that your pets would eat these. These droppings come with a lot of diseases and that could be dangerous to your pets.

While it’s hard for you to find out whether your pet has actually consumed bird droppings, but it’s best to watch out for unusual behavior. In this case, it’s time to take them to the vet. And to avoid this from happening, call Watchdog Pest Control for bird removal at 602-842-5290.

How Do You Prevent Birds From Invading Your Environment?

When it comes to pest control, birds would rarely come to mind as animals people want to get rid of. After all, they seem to be harmless and one would almost never hear about people getting bitten or harmed by birds unless they intentionally tried to catch or pet a bird. However, many property owners would prove by experience how birds can be such a nuisance. The damage they can cause is just as costly as other more common pests. And for some Arizona homeowners, bird prevention to avoid invasion is certainly necessary.

Scarecrows probably won’t work anymore when you want to deal with birds. After all, one would rather not have a hideous looking mannequin-like figure resting in the middle of what could have been a gorgeous garden unless it’s Halloween. However, you can still try using visual repellents. Plastic or stone figurines of snakes, coyotes, hawks and other predator animals may keep birds away. But you have to move them every so often because birds will certainly notice if they’re just there to scare them away.

Make sure you don’t leave leftovers and other scraps that birds can feed on lying around your lawn or patio. These would attract birds and they’ll certainly come back for more. To ensure that birds won’t enter your home, install screens on windows. Perch repellents can be quite useful, too. Some property owners use barbed wires or spikes on ledges to keep birds away.

For a more humane and safer way to deal with birds than installing spikes on your property, call Watchdog Pest Control for bird removal assistance. You may reach us at 602-842-5290.

What Can You Do If You Already Have Birds?
Birds in your Arizona property could either be a good or bad thing. These flying creatures are supposed to be beautiful. Especially if you’re living in an urban area, hearing them chirp in the morning and flying around the clear blue sky are certainly things to look forward to. After all, it’s not every day you would see birds flying around in large flocks the way they did in the past. However, there are areas where birds continue to be abundant and many of them are considered pests. When you have this issue and you really have no way of preventing them to come in, the question you may be asking – what can you do if you already have birds?

Unless you keep them in a bird cage, birds are fairly easy to care for and maintain. They are indeed beautiful creatures and they’re a simpler pet to care for if you don’t have lots of time for a four-legged house pet. But birds like pigeons, house sparrows, woodpeckers, starlings, and other common birds are just a real pain to deal with.

Truth is, it’s hard to keep these birds out since they fly high up in the sky and can land on your property anytime they wish. They would leave their droppings on your car and your home’s roof or build nests in pipes and roof drains. Their droppings are known to even have more than 60 diseases!

The best way to control these birds and keep them from coming back is by calling experts in animal removal. Reach out to Watchdog Pest Control today for bird removal. You may reach us at 602-842-5290.

When are Birds Most Active?
Depending on the bird species, a lot of birds remain active all year round. Some would migrate from one place to another to avoid the cold winter season. In the case of Arizona property owners, you would have to deal with bird pests most of the time because it’s mostly warm in this state no matter what month it is. For birds such as pigeons, house sparrows, and other common birds that are considered pests, any day could be a stressful day when they choose to invade your property.

Some birds are considered nocturnal such as owls that are known to be wide awake at night. But for most Arizona birds like the ones mentioned above, you would see them flying up the sky or resting on roofs and pavements during the daytime. Songbirds seem to be most active in the morning as they chirp loudly even before your alarm clock goes off. Pigeons appear to be around most of the day from the time the sun rises and until it sets.

In the evening, most of these birds take shelter in trees and other secluded places such as your roof drains and vents. Nesting birds become extremely problematic when they choose your drains and vents as their nesting spot. You will also be stressed out with how bird droppings could be so abundant. These droppings can be damaging to your roof or car paint when left uncleaned for an extended period of time.

Any time of the year is a good time to set up bird removal services. Call Watchdog Pest Control to get assistance in getting rid of these bird pests from your property. Call 602-842-5290 today.

What Is The Birthing Cycle Of Birds?

When you have a bird problem in your property, it is best to know the birthing cycle of birds. This way, you would know how often they would build nests around your property, where it’s most probable to capture them, and how big of a bird problem you have to deal with. Of course, the birthing cycle depends on the bird species you’re dealing with.

Among the most common bird pests found in Arizona are pigeons and house sparrows. Pigeons, for instance, are monogamous birds. They would mate for life and can quickly reproduce. In fact, there are some cities with serious pigeon problems as they have become too many. Did you know that there are now over 400 million pigeons found across the world?

Female pigeons can start mating when they’re around 7 months old. They would build their own nest that you would usually find on roof drains, vents, windows, and other areas around your property. In just 8 to 12 days after this female pigeon has mated, it may lay about 1 to 3 eggs. 18 days after, the eggs will start hatching. A pigeon can live up to 15 years or sometimes even longer when bred in captivity. But when they’re in the wild, even if they live in urban areas, they would only usually live for less than 5 years.

If you have no plans of breeding birds in your property, then it’s best to have them removed when they start invading your environment. To help capture them, call on professional bird removal services. You may reach Watchdog Pest Control at 602-842-5290 for assistance.

What Is The History Of Birds?
Birds have been around for as long as anyone can remember. They are part of historical accounts and were even carved in stone by the first humans that set foot on earth. The long history of birds is full of color, life, and beauty. When one thinks of birds, freedom and nature would come to mind. It’s rare that they would be associated as pests. But in reality, bird pests are everywhere. Pigeons, house sparrows, and other common birds in Arizona may seem harmless. Once they invade your environment, you’ll realize how difficult and costly they are to deal with.

Pigeons are some of the most common birds you’ll see in Arizona. In fact, they’re considered as one of the largest pest problems across all of the United States and beyond when it comes to birds. They are not native to the US though. They are said to have originated somewhere in Europe and were introduced to North America back in the 1600’s. They are most commonly found in urban areas. One would think that birds would fly away soon as humans go near them, but pigeons are a different story. They’d stay in groups and won’t mind your presence.

For more than 5,000 years now, pigeons have been used by humans as pets, entertainment, and even food. Some people would even breed pigeons. Many others consider then pests. When they choose to invade your home, you would certainly be stressed out by the costly damage they can bring to your property including your car, roof, ledges, and other parts of your home.

Birds are here to stay. It is your responsibility as a property owner to keep them away when they become pests. Call Watchdog Pest Control for bird removal at 602-842-5290.


Birds seem to be very harmless creatures but once you have a flock of them taking over your property, you’d probably calling for bird control services sooner than later. They can do damage to you and your home a whole lot more than you think.
For bird removal services the most humane way possible, call Watchdog Pest Control. We service Arizona properties and would help you in getting rid of these pest birds.

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